Building a Generation of Awareness

The Black Deer Foundation is proudly partnering with several energy industry partners to build a sustainable community through environmental awareness. If you have a sincere love for nature, the environment and your community, connect with us!
Our Partnerships

Our Team

Arvolon Wilson-Smith

Founder / President

Dane Phillip

Vice Chair

Faith Ramsaroop

Health Safety and Environment

Simone Wilson

Community Engagement

Leah Gunpat


Lynette Wilson- Ferrier


Sadie Worrell

Youth Advisor

Bret Phillip

Youth Advisor

Shashi Doon

Agricultural Advisor / Expert

Jenelle Ross-MC Intyre

Digital Communication / Marketing

Cilla Zoe


Anill Maraj


Claudia Boochoon


Rhonda Philbert


Who are we and what do we do ?

The Black Deer Foundation has been primary driving force of environmental awareness, sustainable ecological and livelihood improvement projects on the south-east coast of Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. for over 15 years.

Engaging our Human Community

Community Group Collaboration

We support the efforts of local and national in regard to promoting environmental and social projects.

Environmental & Social Awareness Programs

We engage local and national communities through modular training sessions.

Practical Consultations

We provide real-time packaged OTG environmental solutions for easy implementation and deployment.

School Outreach & Educational Programs

We partner with educational institutes to raise awareness within primary, secondary & tertiary schools

Energy Stakeholder Consultation and Advisory

We engage national and international energy providers with data-driven analytics.

Sustainability Projects

We create and deploy community-based projects that foster long-term socioeconomic growth.


Focusing on improving our natural lifestyle and habitation with our planet

Through education, engagement and communication with our local and international stakeholders we continuously provide support for environmental conservation and best-practices for sustainable social improvement.

Students are teachers in training...

With a heavy focus on the development of young people, The Black Deer Foundation proudly engages with our corporate stakeholders to provide creative ways to educate our local and national students.

School Environmental Awareness Competition 2022

Review material from our 2022 School Environmental Awareness Competition.

TBDF LCBF Summer Camp 2019

Review material from our 2019 "Learning Can Be Fun" Summer Camp.

School Environmental Awareness Competition 2021

Review material from our 2021 School Environmental Awareness Competition.

TBDF LCBF Summer Camp 2018

Review material from our 2018 "Learning Can Be Fun" Summer Camp.

A Global Mandate to Protect our Planet...

Seeing the Outside World

Understanding & Measuring Values

Social Improvement

By focusing on practical solutions that relieves common socioeconomic issues.

Environment Awareness

By researching, compiling and delivering well-researched educational material.

Habitat Conservation

By engaging in physical and educational activities that preserves nature.

Community Education

By understanding the challenges of communities and providing relevant solutions.

Life Skills & Development

By promoting the acquisition of economically viable skills in groups and individuals within our communities.

Sustainable Solutions

By educating and facilitating the implementation of long-term initiatives that can be used by other generations.

Support our Journey

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Our Growing Heart

We are always open to person individuals or organizations willing to partner with us. Persons who have desire to help motivate and support others and their communities at large.

You Can Join Us at Any Time !

Volunteer for Our Programs

Whether educational, motivational or practical we admire any person willing to contribute to helping our communities be better versions of themselves. If you are interested, please feel free to join our programs as a leader and help us guide participants to reaching their fullest potential.

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The Black Deer Foundation is always thankful to every stakeholder, local and foreign partner, as well as the members of its community. We express great pride in the confidence each person, organization and government body places in our efforts to continue to serve the greater good for the benefit of all persons.

The Black Deer Foundation is a non-profit organization registered within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.


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